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ART-IL   On-line Gallery Representing Israeli Artists


Art-IL online gallery is a home for seven very talented Israeli artists. They  present some of their impressive and original art works.   Among them three painters, two sculptors, one glass artist and one photographer. Original Judaica art can be found in the gallery.

Hedva Ferenci  draws her inspirations from life itself.  Hedva paints with different mediums; Oil, pastel, watercolor and charcoal.  Among the subjects of her drawings, on stage, Judaica, nature views and portraits. Some of her fine art works are the property of art museums around the world.

Sigal Miller is a painter. Painting is a passion she was born with. The need to paint was developed with time and became a focal point in her life. Sigal works on big canvases with acrylic colors and oil.

Avi Sharon is a painter and sculptor. Sharon's picturesque world is an imaginary world based on unrealistic connections between images of human images and the natural world. Observing the work of Sharon is indeed inspiring in the viewer heart ,a sense of inspiration and goodness, which elevate the soul and gives him moments of charm and beauty.

Haviva Zemach is a glass artist. She became aware of her creative abilities at a relatively late age, and with great surprise and astonishment, having thought she was a more "intellectual".
Haviva Zemach has studied kiln forming and casting glass with some of the great artists of the new glass movement.

Yona Vital Rabinowitz is a sculptor. The main subject in her work is the Jewish life in Eastern Europe before the Holocaust. The sculptures are made of Terra-cotta and of bronze.
Judaica art collectors will find some very attractive sculptures, to enrich their Judaica collection.

Edna Ronel Nahari is a sculptor. Edna sculpts using a variety of natural materials as ceramic and alabaster stone, as well as stone, polyester and bronze casting . Her sculptures range from realistic to abstract portraying explicit details, expressive postures and depth of movement.

Dan Graveh is a photographer. Dan is taking photos over 40 years. People around the world are his main subject. Other subjects are nature and views, world wide.

Painters, Sculptors and Glass art Artists